Sangeeta Tangri, AFP®

Name Sangeeta Tangri AFP®
Company Financial Force Pty Ltd
Address Coffee With Geet Financial Retreat Level 2 190 Edward Street
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
Phone 450868215

We take a unique approach to financial planning whereby we provide holistic financial life advice. We focus on our client’s personal wellbeing, their relationship with money and what financial freedom means to them. We believe that financial planning is not about the products or sales, but it’s about helping clients achieve their life time goals by building a long-term client-advisor relationship. Each client has different needs which requires a deeper understanding of the client’s life, their aspirations, values and what is important to them. we follow a step by step process to uncover their individual personal and financial goals. This results in a personalised investment and financial plan for each client.Our focus is on providing outstanding customer experience. We use our wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to help clients discover what is important to them, help them make informed decisions which later helps in making a positive difference in their personal and financial situation.

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