Sarah Broady, CFP®

Name Sarah Broady CFP®
Company The Retirement Advice Centre
Address Ground Floor, Endeavour House Suite 204,
Sutherland, NSW 2232
Phone (02) 8539-7233 or1300-78-55-77

Sarah Broady is a specialist Retirement Adviser at The Retirement Advice Centre. Her purpose is to ensure that clients have a better retirement having met her. This is achieved through the implementation of a modern retirement planning focus. It aims to prepare people financially for virtually anything that may happen in retirement. We apply evidence-based strategies as the core philosophy for money management, so that client's superannuation and pension portfolios may deliver a predictable outcome with safe, reliable income streams. The benefit for our clients are that they:- 1. Have comfort knowing how much income they can live upon and that it is regularly assessed, 2. Know how long their retirement savings will last with the use of our capital tracking system; and 3. The potential to provide financial support for their family today, fulfilling a 'living legacy'. Relying upon the science and maths of retirement, she takes a product agnostic approach to advising her clients. Sarah sees her role as more than a Retirement Adviser at times. Many times she is a counselor, solution provider and trusted friend.She enjoys the interaction with the clients whether it be at meetings, over the phone or hearingabout the adventures of their kids or grandkids. Sometimes she get tips along the way about raising young children!Sarah is a member of the FPA and is a CFP.

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