Scott Douglas, CFP®

Name Scott Douglas CFP®
Company Identity McIntyre Financial Group (IMFG)
Address Level 6 17 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone 401583837

Identity Wealth Advisers was founded by Scott Douglas and started on 1 July 2011. We specialise in strategic planning advice to individuals from simple needs to cross border issues. Over 20 years of advising, Scott recognised the need for this in the market. Our philosophy is based around quality value added outcomes at fee for service charges.Scott launched Identity Wealth so he could capture the needs of clients which is about future of the profession.Over the last 3 years Scott has researched the fundamental change in the financial planning and advice industry. He found that people are really not getting what they want or pay for in many aspects of the advice they require. Scott has founded Identity Wealth Advisers in 2011 which is purely focused on ensuring client outcomes are delivered cost effectively for the benefit of the individuals not the adviser. This is a huge shift away from where the profession has previously focused. Scott's business model is simple, it's all around working with people to enable them to build time frames around priorities so they can achieve financial independance. Scott is a fully qualified Certified Practicing Accountant and Certified Financial planner. He has specialised over 20 years advising individuals in strategic planning, tax, financial independance. Scott has held senior positions in organisations as Chief Financial Officer and Board positions in Singapore.

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