Sebastian Mazza, AFP®

Name Sebastian Mazza AFP®
Company Wealth Depot
Address Level 1 6 Overend Street
East Brisbane, QLD 4169
Phone 07 3421 0100

Wealth Depot Financial Advisers welcomes you as part of our family. Wealth Depot Financial Advisers is a privately owned financial planning practice that believes in providing strategic advice and recommendations that are tailored towards each client’s specific objectives and goals. Wealth Depot Financial Advisers was established in 2012 by Sebastian Mazza CA AFP® Accredited Aged Care Professional™ B.Bus (Accy), who has a passion to form sustainable relationships with clients and provide innovative and strategic wealth management solutions. Wealth Depot Financial Advisers aim is to help you make educated and informed decisions about your wealth to facilitate and develop a strategic approach to managing and growing it. We aim to be an integrated and holistic practice, which allows us to discover opportunities, investments and strategies that will best work to achieve your financial freedom. Please always feel welcomed to contact our office to start your journey to financial freedom. Wealth Depot has been a Finalist in the IFA Excellence Awards in 2016, 2019 and 2022.

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