Serenette Crombie, AFP®

Name Serenette Crombie AFP®
Address 86 Water St S
Toowoomba City, QLD 4350
Phone 07 4588 6610

With over 10 years in the financial planning industry with varying roles from client support, paraplanning and advising, Serenette is sincerely passionate about ensuring that her clients feel comfortable and confident with their financial decisions through qualitative and holistic advice. Like many in the finance industry, Serenette didn’t leave school with the intention of becoming a Financial Planner, instead, she was going to be a school teacher due to her love of empowering others through education. However, she started working as a client support officer and saw financial planners do some pretty amazing things for clients. Helping terminally ill people claim money for one last family holiday. Seeing clients skip out of meetings knowing they could retire earlier than they thought.

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