Simeon Levin, CFP®

Name Simeon Levin CFP®
Company Simfin Pty Ltd
Address Level 9 10-14 Spring Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone 02 99563835

We work with clients to live a richer life by enabling them to align their resources (time and money), with the things they care most about. As a trusted adviser, we work in partnership with our clients to:
• Help them to articulate what’s deeply important.
• Be across their balance sheet and help them make sensible decisions about managing their wealth.
• Ensure that things get done (consistent action leads to amazing results).
• Lead a team of trusted professionals, ensuring everyone is aligned to the outcomes that are important to them.
• Unpack complexity, making things easy to understand and to manage.
• Deliver peace of mind that their plan remains on-track (even if life throws a curveball).

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