Tristan Scifo, AFP®

Name Tristan Scifo AFP®
Company Purpose Advisory
Address B1/13-21 Mandible St
Alexandria, NSW 2015
Phone 0403 956 469

We provide our clients with 1:1 coaching, personalised advice and access to simple to understand tools for building clarify, confidence financial success. Common outcomes we achieve for our clients include increasing your income, managing your cashflow better, investing your lazy cash, improving the performance and ethical alignment of your existing investments, growing your business, getting adequately insured, making the most of available tax benefits and having a more rewarding experience of life.

My approach is collaborative. I work closely with a range of professions business partners in the fields of mortgage, property investment, law, personal development, health and relationships. I take the time to get to know the professionals you work with, and where needed, I equip you with a team of experts you can trust to lean on and work with.

People often first meet with me because of something specific they need help with. People stay with us because of the productive and supportive relationship we build with them over time, and because of what we teach them & guide them to achieve.

I have a passion for supporting strong marriages, helping our clients raise healthy kids, craft flexible and values-aligned lives and building mission-focused businesses. In all I do, my focus is to help my clients lead a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

I'm willing to sit down for a conversation with anyone who's open to my assistance. We'll get to know each other, identify where you stand, what want to achieve, and I'll help you to build a plan for your way forward. If there is more I can do for you beyond our first meeting, I'll explain the cost of any advice or coaching I can offer, and/or refer you to the right people to take you to the next step. I look forward to meeting you.

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