Tyson Matthews, AFP®

Name Tyson Matthews AFP®
Company Kaylene Pty Ltd T/A Green Associates
Address 39 Wollongong Street
Deakin, ACT 2600
Phone 0416 156 058

I work with my clients like a financial counsellor, to help people get their financial lives back in order. I actively manage my clients investments, so that their money is working harder for them so that they can reach their long term goals without them having the stress of managing it themself.

The areas that I specialise in is:

1. Tax minimisation for individuals and your estate
2. Winding up complex structures such as SMSF and Estates
3. Superannuation and pre-retirement planning
4. Defined benefit super funds such as CSS, PSS and MSBS
5. I also have experience working with Defence personal, Police (sworn and unsworn) and teachers
6. Ethical Investment options

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