Wahiduzzaman Khan

Name Wahiduzzaman Khan
Company Blue River Financial Services Pty Ltd
Address 4 Queen Street
Bentley, WA 6102
Phone 0433221832
Website blueriverfinancial.com.au/

Master of e-Business
Information Management, Organisational Transformation using IT, IT Evaluation and Benefit management, Electronic & Web Commerce Development, Business Analysis Methodologies, Risk & Security Management for e-business: Course Average: Distinction | Edith Cowan University | 2003
Post Graduate Diploma of Business
Information Systems, Project Management, Database, System & Software Development, Network and Internet Management | Edith Cowan University | 2002
Post-Graduate Qualifying Program - Business
Accounting, Business Statistics, Professional Communication & Economics Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT) | 2001
Cavendish & ICFS Specialist SMSF

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