William Henwood, AFP®

Name William Henwood AFP®
Company Acumen Wealth Management
Address Suite 5, 420 Bagot Road
Subiaco, WA 6008
Phone 08 9382 8808
Website www.acumenwealth.com.au

As Senior Wealth Adviser, Will assists high net worth individuals and families, executives, business owners, and retirees formulate, implement and manage financial and investment strategies. Prior to the merger of Acumen Wealth Management and Accumulate Wealth Management in 2022, Will founded Accumulate Wealth in 2014. Prior to that Will spent 10 years as a Senior Adviser and Partner with Barker Wealth Management in Adelaide, and 7 years with NASDAQ-listed Commerce One Inc. in San Francisco and global consulting services firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Boston. This experience complemented previous media and policy advisory roles with the W.A. Government's Department of Premier and Cabinet, and an early career reporting and presenting with Australian Broadcasting Corporation and W.A. Newspapers. Initially, Will conducts a 1 hour discovery meeting that drills into your current financial situation, what is really important to you, and what you want to achieve, not only in your financial life but your broader personal and professional ambitions as well. This consultation will be at the expense of Acumen Wealth Management. It confirms the value we can add to your situation, how to maximise the probability of achieving your financial goals, and how to assist you make smart choices with your money and assets. As a fee for service based firm, if you wish to engage Accumulate Wealth Management to assess these ideas in more depth, we will provide an estimate of any anticipated expenses. Similarly, if you decide to have Accumulate Wealth Management implement any subsequent specific programs, we will provide a quote for our level of involvement and ongoing assistance.

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