William Waller, CFP®

Name William Waller CFP®
Company Lawrance Private Wealth
Address PO Box 22
Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
Phone 0461371854
Website www.financialadvicepmq.com.au

I am one of very few Independent Certified Financial Planner's. I am passionate about pushing down the costs of investing and receiving financial advice in the Port Macquarie area. I have almost 25 years experience providing financial advice and really enjoy working with people who want to be successful. One thing which differentiates me from many Financial Advisers is I am an independent Certified Financial Planner, and I operate on a strict Fee for Service arrangement. Another is a strong belief in using a substantial portion of low cost Index funds in portfolios to keep investment costs well below those of Industry funds. Lawrance Private Wealth is an Independent financial advice business. If you are 50+ and ready to turn the complexity of superannuation into simplicity, send an email to [email protected] If you are referred by a long standing existing client you will receive a discount on the initial appointment fee.

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