FAAA Awards 2024

Celebrating Excellence in Advice

The FAAA Awards are designed to recognise members who deliver the highest standards of professionalism and trusted advice to Australian consumers, as well as those who have gone above and beyond to support their local community through pro bono and volunteer work. 

Now more than ever, we want to shine the light on the positive, life-changing advice that FAAA members give to their clients.  

Help us change the conversation and share the good stories about financial advice. By supporting the FAAA Awards, you can help us celebrate commitment, talent, and passion within our profession.

NEW: Nominate your Peers

Past award finalists have shared that receiving a nomination from their peers significantly boosted their confidence. This acknowledgment not only encourages applicants to put themselves forward but also validates their hard work and dedication. Your nomination can serve as a powerful recognition of the contributions being made to the financial advice profession and inspire others to continue striving for excellence. 

Recognise achievements 

To maximize the impact of your nomination, be sure to include specific details that highlight why you believe this person is deserving of the award. Describe their outstanding achievements, innovative ideas, or significant contributions to your team, organisation, the profession, or the community.  

Foster a culture of appreciation 

Nominating your peers fosters a culture of recognition and appreciation within your organisation, the profession, and the advice community. Recognising others’ accomplishments can lead to higher morale, increased motivation, and a stronger sense of belonging. 

 Encourage professional growth 

Being nominated for an award can open new opportunities for professional growth and development. It can enhance the nominee’s visibility within the organisation and profession, potentially leading to career advancement, networking opportunities, and invitations to participate in important projects or events. 

How to nominate  

To submit a compelling nomination, include specific examples that illustrate the nominee’s professional attributes and achievements. Highlight their unique contributions, leadership qualities, and the positive impact they have had on your team, organisation, the profession, or the community. A detailed and considered nomination helps to ensure that your nominee feels confident to apply for an award whilst receiving the recognition they deserve. 




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Pictured above, Martin McGrath CFP®, 2023 winner

Adviser of Year

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Pictured above, Sacha Burchgart, 2023 winner

Professional Practice of the Year

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Pictured above, Boutique Advisers, 2023 winner

Inspire Women - Excellence in Advice

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Pictured above, Cara Williams, 2023 winner

University Student of the Year

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Pictured above, Jacob Eliopoulos, 2023 winner

Gen Next Rising Star of the Year

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Pictured above, Jayden Adams, 2023 winner

Further Information

About the applications

Each applicant for an award must complete an online submission and provide a video submission of no more than three minutes in length that addresses why the applicant should be selected as the next face of their nominated Award in 2024.  

The finalists in each award category will then be shortlisted for an interview with the judges, which may be virtual or require the finalist to travel to Sydney for an in-person interview. The final decision re the interview method will be at the discretion of the FAAA.  

If you have any questions about the FAAA Awards or require assistance to complete your application, please email

Why enter the Awards

Entering the FAAA Awards provides an opportunity for award category finalists to: 

Gain recognition  
Be recognised for your contribution as a finalist or winner in the financial advice profession’s most prestigious awards program 

Raise your professional profile
Securing an FAAA Award can differentiate you when attracting and retaining clients. This recognition will solidify your status as a leader in the profession and support your career growth. Winning the award also comes with a range of opportunities to raise your profile through speaking engagements with the FAAA and the award sponsor (where applicable). 

Highlight your achievements 
Have your your skills, passions and dedication to advancing the profession recognised by the members of the judging panel and your peers. Completing the award submission provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional achievements over the last 12-18 months. 

Expand your network 
Connect with like-minded peers who are as committed to excellence and professionalism as you are through networking with the other 2024 award finalists and past Award winners.  

How to write a compelling submission

Follow the awards criteria
The most important rule is to ensure your answers adhere to the awards criteria. The criteria are there for a reason and are used by judges to evaluate your application. Follow the guidelines set by the awards program and directly answer the questions.  

 When answering the questions do not forget to include evidence such as data, statistics, revenue increases, profit growth, or efficiencies gained, as well as testimonials and recommendations from peers and clients. 

Submission deadlines 
Please pay close attention to submission deadlines and allow sufficient time to prepare and review your application. Once submission deadlines have passed, we are unable to accept new or amend existing applications. Please do not leave it to the last minute to start your application! 

Consider the judges perspective
Judges often have to review dozens of high quality submissions within a short time frame.   This means they often look for reasons to rule out entries. If your submission doesn’t capture their attention immediately or you haven’t met the criteria, they are more likely to rate your sumission lower compared to other applicants who have a concise but compelling sumission.  Remember to answer the questions carefully and follow instructions.  

Tell your story 
A compelling story can make your submission stand out and a story structure helps to make your submission more memorable and engaging. Use a narrative style with a clear beginning, middle and end. Remember, no one can tell your story better than you 

Use the word limit – online submission 
Sticking to the word limit for each question and video. Judges may struggle to assess your application if your responses are too brief, too long, or repetitive. Use the word count wisely to make your answers impactful. 

Use the time limit – video submission 
Please follow the criteria of the of your video submission and stay within the recording limit, which is a maximum of 3 minutes. Consider the quality of the video itself, particularly the audio (see Tips below).  

Take your time and proofread your submission
Winning a prestigious award requires careful planning, and succinct, concise answers. Give yourself enough time to perfect your submission. 

Spelling and grammar errors can negatively impact your submission. Start early enough to give yourself time to step away and return with fresh eyes for proofreading purposes. Ask someone to review and proofread it. Once you are confident in the accuracy of your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tone, you can submit your entry. 

Tips for a high-quality video: 

  • Place your laptop or phone on a stable surface so that it does not move throughout the clip. 
  • Try to surround yourself with as many soft furnishings as possible, and   
  • Avoid a large, empty room with floorboards (which echoes) or a noisy outdoor location that makes it difficult for the judges to hear you. 
  • Film against a plain or simple background in a bright space without clutter or too many background colours/distractions. Remove anything in the room that will distract viewers, such as moving objects or other digital screens. Hide or remove any confidential information from view. 
  • Ensure you are central to the camera without being too close or too far away.  
  • If you are recording at home, choose a location where you won’t be distracted or interrupted. Natural daylight is always preferred as it will give you the nicest complexion. Position yourself next to a large window and test whether your interior lights add to or reduce the quality of your image 

The judging process

Applicants will be required to submit a nomination for their preferred award category. Members may only apply for one individual category but may belong to a Professional Practice that has nominated for the Professional Practice of the Year category.  

FAAA members will also be able to nominate a fellow member, stating why they believe the nominee  is worthy of consideration.  

Stage one of the judging process includes a formal submission via the online judging portal, addressing a series of questions and providing a short video submission and appropriate supporting documentation.  

Following a professional standards review of applications by the FAAA team, the judging panel will judge each application. Following professional standards review of applications by the FAAA team, the judging panel will judge each application.

The top 3 finalists will then proceed to stage 2, which includes the Finalist Showcase. This will take place in the week commencing 21 October 2024 and may be virtual or face to face, at the discretion of the FAAA. The Finalist Showcase for finalists in an award category that requires a facetoface interview will include:  

  • Filming of a short video showcase of finalists 
  • In-depth interviews for each finalist with the judging panel
  • A showcase dinner