Specialist designations

Gain professional recognition of your expertise in specialty areas of financial advice.

The FAAA’s specialist designations are designed for financial planners looking to master and enhance their offering in speciality areas of advice and to maintain these skills on an ongoing basis. Gaining an FAAA specialist designation will provide you professional recognition of your expertise. 

We currently offer the FAAA Aged Care Specialist designation and look forward to launching more specialist designations soon.’

FAAA specialist designations currently on offer:

  • FAAA Aged Care Specialist

Become an FAAA Aged Care Specialist

Gain confidence and competence to provide aged care financial advice and commit to ongoing training as a specialist. 

In collaboration with Aged Care Steps, the FAAA offers financial planners expert training and ongoing professional development in the area of aged care advice, allowing you to become recognised as an FAAA Aged Care Specialist.

How to apply

  1. Enrol and complete the Aged Care Steps Accredited Aged Care Professional™ program. Visit Aged Care Steps to enrol.
  2. Upon completion, apply to become an FAAA Aged Care Specialist by completing and submitting the application form in the Member Portal under ‘Applications’. 
  3. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation letter, digital badge and designation usage guide from the FAAA within two weeks of final assessment.
  4. Each year, you are required to complete 9 CPD hours in the area of aged care to maintain your ongoing training and uphold the designation. 
  5. To ensure the standards of the specialist designation are upheld, practitioners may be subject to regular CPD audits. 


Ongoing requirements

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