FAAA Submissions

An important part of the FAAA’s work to influence policy is the development of formal submissions to Federal or State government departments such as Treasury, or regulators such as ASIC.





The FPA Four Policy Pillars

The policy submissions we develop follow the four key principles of our strategic policy framework, known as our ‘Four Policy Pillars’. These pillars are:

  1. It must be in the public’s best interest
  2. It must enhance professional practitioners
  3. It must be in line with the Government and regulatory requirements
  4. It must adhere to the FPA Code of Professional Practice.

The FPA Four Policy Pillars

Read more about the Four Policy Pillars in this article from Financial Planning magazine.

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Help us shape the future

Whilst we are extremely active in the development of policy submissions that affect financial planners and consumers, it is our desire to give FPA members a voice in this process.

If you would like to make a contribution to any ongoing policy issues, we would love to hear from you. You can submit your policy recommendation using this template. This will help you map out your policy recommendations in line with our Four Policy Pillars. Your completed submission can be emailed to [email protected].