Whistleblower Policy and Form

The FAAA is committed to promoting a culture of corporate compliance and high ethical behaviour.

The Whistleblower (WB) Policy and Form are intended to provide a mechanism for the reporting of concerns regarding alleged unlawful conduct or other misconduct that may be occurring at the FAAA. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) includes legal protections for certain individuals if they make reports in relation to certain conduct and matters.

The information below is a summary only:

Can I make a report under the WB Legislation?

“Eligible Whistleblowers” can make a report under the WB Legislation either through the options detailed in Annexure A – Reporting Procedures of the WB Policy, or using the WB Form. An “Eligible Whistleblower” is an individual who is a current or former:

  • employee of the FAAA (including agency staff);
  • officer of the FAAA (e.g. director or company secretary);
  • supplier of services or goods to the FAAA;
  • contractor or consultant of the FAAA (including the contractor’s or consultant’s employees); or
  • Associate of the FAAA.

In addition a relative, dependant or spouse of an individual referred to above may also be an Eligible Whistleblower.

What type of conduct is covered?

The WB Legislation defines what type of conduct can be reported. This includes actions or conduct in relation to the FAAA which involves misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances in relation to the FAAA, including conduct which is:

  • fraudulent;
  • negligent;
  • a breach of trust or duty;
  • dishonest and unethical;
  • detrimental to the FAAA and could cause financial or non-financial loss;
  • an offence against or a contravention of the laws set out in the WB Legislation;
  • a danger to the public or the financial system.

Some types of matters will not be covered by the WB Legislation.

How can I contact the FAAA to make a report?

Eligible Whistleblowers can make a report either via the options detailed in the WB Policy or by using the online form.


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