Money and Life Financial Literacy Workshop

The more you learn the more you earn

Through our consumer brand, Money & Life, the FAAA is committed to improving the financial literacy of young people throughout Australia.

We are proud to launch the Money & Life Financial Literacy Workshop and are grateful to the following FAAA members who have contributed to its content; Renae Anderson, Amie Baker, Glen Hare, Jack Hogan, Matthew Kanizay, Peter Lennox, Sandra McGuire & Dawn Thomas.

The FAAA along with some of our members have developed a financial literacy workshop to support members in delivering informative sessions targeted at improving financial literacy knowledge amongst young people.

The pack, containing the below resources, has been designed to be accessible to members wishing to promote financial literacy to high school students aged between 14-16.

  • Letter template to support introductions to settings
  • Pre-workshop checklist to ensure leaders feel comfortable and prepared
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Accompanying leaders guide
  • Student handout


No, this pack will only be sent to current FAAA members following completion of the request form above.

Members are not limited to delivering this pack in high schools. Other opportunities include; children of your clients, sporting associations and other community based organisations.

The workshop has been designed with this age group in mind however some sections may be relevant to children of other ages.

To ensure members feel supported and that the FAAA can measure the impact of this workshop, we request all members complete the short form above.

No, FAAA members who are not authorised are still permitted to present the factual information contained within the pack. If you are authorised, please check with your AFSL to ensure the disclaimer is appropriate for your level of authorisation.

Members should obtain a working with children check relevant to their state, find out more here.

Please do not materially change the slide content or add new slides without FAAA written permission.

If you have any further questions please reach out at [email protected]