Determinations & Sanctions

A list of determinations and sanctions handed down to members following a disciplinary panel hearing.

Where complaints were received prior to 4 June 2010, the member’s name was only published if the disciplinary panel considered there was a public interest need to do so.

Where complaints were received after 4 June 2010, the member’s name is published in circumstances where the disciplinary panel has imposed a sanction.

Case number Member details FPA Member ID Effective date Member Category Sanction
CRC FY20/21 03 Son Huynh 350042 12.12.2022 AFP Member apology, professional education, fine
CRC FY19-20_16 Komal Pandya 359554 08.02.2022 AFP Fine, costs, expulsion
CRC_FY19-20_02 Steven Blizard 323309 18.03.2021 AFP Fines, reprimand, costs of CRC hearing
CRC_2020_1 Mark Kynaston 334671 26.02.2020 CFP Suspension, supervision, remediation, professional education, costs of CRC hearing
CRC_2019_1 Matthew Brown 029315 29.01.2019 CFP Suspension, costs of CRC hearing, training, apology
CRC_2018_2 Dianne Bainbridge 339765 14.12.2018 AFP Suspension, costs of CRC hearing, professional education
CRC_2018_1 Sam Henderson 331878 10.09.2018 AFP Costs of CRC hearing, fined




Darren Tindall 341771




AFP Expelled, costs of CRC hearing, fined
CRC_2016_1 Shylesh Sriranjan 343480 09.01.2017 AFP Expelled
CRC_2015_1 Robert Tomasello 13100 31.07.2015 CFP Expelled, costs of CRC hearing
CRC_2014_1 Robert (Bob) Jones 38582 21.10.2014 CFP Expelled, fined, costs
CRC_2013_1 Blinded Blinded 04.01.2014 CFP Expelled, costs (Blinding Deed)
CRC_2012_4 Blinded Blinded 13.07.2012 AFP Professional education, costs, reprimanded
CRC_2012_3 Yvette Daniel 23185 06.07.2012 CFP Expelled, costs
CRC_2012_2 John Schluter 32097 06.07.2012 AFP Expelled, costs
CRC_2012_1 Blinded Blinded 11.04.2012 CFP Professional education, costs, undertaking, suspension of designation, identity not published
CRC_2011_3 Paul Florence 17962 23.11.2011 AFP Expelled, costs
CRC_2011_2 Emmanuel Cassimatis 11649 26.07.2011 General Appeal dismissed
CRC_2010_1 Emmanuel Cassimatis 11649 20.10.2010 General Expelled, fined, costs
CRC_2011_1 Gus Dalle Cort 320817 28.01.2011 CFP Fined, expelled, publication
CRC_2009_3 Blinded Blinded 12.10.2009 Principal Supervision, costs
CRC_2009_2 Blinded Blinded 20.02.2009 CFP Reprimanded, suspension of designation, supervision, fined, identity not published
CRC_2009_2 Blinded Blinded 20.02.2009 Principal Reprimanded, fined, identity not published
CRC_2009_1 Blinded Blinded 13.03.2009 Principal Expelled, fined, costs, identity not published