FAAA Wellbeing

Free, confidential support for the financial advice community

The FAAA prides itself on encouraging members to prioritise their health and wellbeing, we are therefore proud to provide members, their families and the broader financial advice profession with the FAAA Wellbeing initiative.  

FAAA Wellbeing is a free, confidential support program which through our partnership with a new wellbeing provider can assist with personal, family, or work-related unease. The firm which was established over 30 years ago has access to a team of qualified psychologists, available between 9am and 7pm, 7 days a week.

Call 1300 410 794 or click below to make an appointment via email

Support can be provided in relation to a wide range of issues, including: 

  • relationship issues  
  • childcare and parenting issues  
  • harassment and bullying  
  • substance abuse and addiction  
  • separation, loss, and grief  
  • job stress and anxiety  
  • financial and legal issues  
  • family violence  
  • gambling  
  • managing change  
  • workplace conflict  

frequently asked questions

The FAAA Wellbeing service is a confidential counselling service offered by the FAAA to  FAAA staff, FAAA members, Financial Advisers and the employees of financial advice practices, as well as their respective families, to support their social and psychological well-being in the workplace and in their personal lives.

The following people are eligible to access FAAA Wellbeing:

  • FAAA staff and their immediate families
  • FAAA Members, their immediate families and their employees
  • Financial Advisers who are not members of the FAAA

Anyone else associated with the financial advice profession including those studying financial advice can also access the service

The FAAA Wellbeing service is provided by an independent firm of Registered Psychologists with over 30 years of experience who offer services and expertise in corporate psychology, workplace behaviour and mentally healthy workplaces including counselling and clinical psychology.

Appointments can be made by phone on 1300 410 794 or by emailing [email protected]  

Appointments can be completed via phone, online or face to face.

They are available between 7am to 9pm AEST, 7 days per week.

There is a limit of 6 sessions per issue.

This will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Some options could include the counsellor being able to extend the number of sessions or referring the individual to a GP for a mental health plan.

The FAAA Wellbeing service can help those in need to identify and address personal issues that might be affecting their performance at work, leading to increased productivity and a higher quality of output.

Yes! All consultations are strictly confidential. Information about you is not shared with anyone unless authorised by you in writing, or if required under Australian law.

The service is part of the FAAA Wellbeing program and the cost of the service is covered by the FAAA for eligible individuals.

The service can support a range of issues which include:

  • personal issues
  • job stress and anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • aged care, childcare, parenting issues
  • harassment and bullying
  • substance abuse/ alcohol and drugs
  • separation and loss and grief
  • balancing work and family
  • financial or legal issues
  • family violence
  • gambling
  • dealing with and managing change
  • workplace conflict
  • plus, any other issue you would care to discuss.