Hari Maragos CFP®

Senior Financial Planner, Victoria Wealth Management

Financial Planners Journey to Greece

As esteemed members of the FAAA community we’d love to invite you on our Financial Planners Educational Journey to Greece from 31 August -7 September, 2024.

The primary objective of this journey is to seek a better understanding of the practice of personal financial planning, as well as the development of the financial planning profession in Greece, through conversation with local financial planners. In addition to the professional content, we have a wonderfully immersive cultural itinerary planned.

Trip details:
Dates – 31 August – 7 September

Destinations – Athens and Thessaloniki

Daily itinerary – click here

Crete extension – click here

Limited to a total of 20 participants – register here!

Further information:

Focus on Professional Interaction

  • Meaningful interaction and collaboration between program participants and financial planners in Greece to gain a better understanding of what financial planning and wealth management looks like in Greece, and the direction the industry is taking into the future.
  • Learn about the most prevalent financial challenges facing Greek families and the decisions they must make to plan for their future. Seek to gain an understanding of the financial institutions (bank, securities firms, insurance companies) serving them.
  • Program participants will learn valuable insights from what Financial Planning and Wealth Management looks like in Greece including an emphasis on risk mitigation, cultural and economic factors, holistic approaches to financial planning, education, and awareness as well as diversification and resilience. By studying Greece’s approach to personal risk insurance planning and management, financial planners from other countries can gain valuable insights to enhance their own practices and better serve their clients’ needs.
  • Incorporating Greece’s deep historical culture into financial planning practices can enrich the overall approach to wealth management including democracy and empowerment, philosophy and long-term thinking, resilience, and adaptability in the face of challenges and the concept of ‘philoxenia’, or hospitality and generosity towards others.
  • When building this study tour, we also made sure to consider the ‘Diaspora’ resulting from events such as World War II and the Greek Civil War as both events presented a unique opportunity for financial planners to learn from Greece’s historical experiences.
Cultural & Community Explorations
  • Visit iconic sites like the Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic games were held in 1896. In route to the Acropolis of Athens your guide will point out many sites including the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch.
  • Take part in a fun hands-on introductory cooking lesson in a local family’s home to learn traditional Greek dishes like gyros and enjoy your creations for dinner.
  • Visit a couple of the incredible hilltop monasteries of Meteora, perched on the cliffs and dating back to the 9th century onward, the first ones to use the cliffs of Meteora for spiritual reasons were hermit monks.


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