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Jane Caro joins FPA as Ambassador for Financial Planning Week

Association urges all Australians to “Dare to Dream” about achieving their financial goals

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has announced “Dare to Dream” as its theme for the 16th annual Financial Planning Week, 22-28 August 2016. The FPA has appointed award-winning author and social commentator Jane Caro as its official campaign ambassador, and will release a newly commissioned “Dare to Dream” national consumer research report for members, among other initiatives.

FPA CEO, Dante De Gori, CFP® said the “Dare to Dream” theme is designed to raise consumer awareness about the importance of professional financial advice in helping people realise their dreams.

“Financial planning is about so much more than solving money problems. It is about bringing dreams to life. It is about identifying life goals, hopes and dreams – and mapping a financial path to achieving them. We hope to get this message across in our multi-faceted “Dare to Dream” campaign,” said Mr De Gori.

“I am delighted Jane Caro is on board as this year’s Financial Planning Week Ambassador. Jane has the rare ability to combine insightful social commentary with accessible and humorous social insights. She has a powerful social voice that people of all ages listen to and respect, some of whom are already seeing a planner, but many of whom are not,” said Mr De Gori.

A regular on Agony, Q&A, The Drum, Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise, and columnist for Sunday Life magazine and Leadership Matters, Jane is a strong believer in the importance of financial independence, and financial planning, particularly for women.

Held each August, Financial Planning Week aims to raise consumer awareness of the importance of financial planning, at every life stage.

This year, the FPA is releasing a “Dare to Dream” national consumer research report, as well as a series of videos, a shareable social media quiz and a toolkit for FPA members. Mr De Gori encouraged financial planners to use the toolkit to help spread the word far and wide.

“The toolkit will enable FPA members to access consumer-facing assets and share them with existing and potential clients. The aim is to include all members in Financial Planning Week and to provide them with a ready to go marketing kit to help them have meaningful conversations with current and prospective clients about their financial dreams,” said Mr De Gori.

“As more and more Australians recognise that financial planners can help them achieve their dreams, the number of people using a financial planner will rise,” he said.

Financial Planning Week 2016 runs from 22 – 28 August this year. The toolkit for FPA members will be available later this month.

Highlights – Financial Planning Week 2016

Some of the major activities planned in the “Dare to Dream” campaign include:

  • Real-life video stories: Two Australians in different seasons of life (one in her early 20s, the other in her early 40s) are paired with a financial planner to feature in short, honest videos capturing the power of financial advice as a catalyst for unlocking dreams. These videos will be available for members to share and promote.
  • Campaign launch video: FPA CEO Dante De Gori and official Financial Planning Week FPA Ambassador, Jane Caro feature in this campaign launch video designed to inspire Australians to tap into their dreams again. This video will be first released by the FPA on its social media platforms on Monday 22 August and is then available for members to share and promote.
  • National sentiment research: Partnering with McCrindle Research, the FPA will publish its “Dare to Dream” national research report revealing Australian’s current attitudes to their hopes, dreams and financial futures. The report contains insights members will value on the risk profile of different generations of Australians, their top 5 hopes and dreams, and perceived obstacles to pursuing their goals.
  • TV, print and radio outreach: Using insights from the “Dare to Dream” research report, and support from campaign ambassador, Jane Caro, and McCrindle Research spokesperson, Eliane Miles, the FPA will capture the attention of national media during Financial Planning Week.
  • Shareable social media quiz: A shareable digital quiz will be released on Monday 22 August that asks Australians to discover their own “dreamer personality” and share their result on social media. Members will be given instructions on how to promote and share the quiz for their own social media marketing.
  • The FPA Twitter handle (@FAAA_Au) will answer tweets and post links to a range of content throughout the week.

About Jane Caro

Jane Caro is an author, novelist, journalist, broadcaster, columnist, advertising writer and social commentator, and ambassador for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Australia for Financial Planning Week 2016.

She has published eight books, including two novels “Just a Girl” and “Just a Queen” about Elizabeth Tudor. Her memoir “Plain Speaking Jane” was released in September 2015. She is currently working on ‘Just Flesh & Blood’ the third and final book in the Elizabeth Tudor trilogy which will be published in 2017.

A regular on Agony, Q&A, The Drum, Sunrise & Weekend Sunrise, she appears in the media often. In 2013 she co-created, co-produced (with Amanda Armstrong) and presented a 6 part radio series for ABC Life Matters – ‘For Better, For Worse’. The series was so successful it is now a 5 part TV series for ABC Compass. She will be producing another special series for Compass in 2016 “Fathers & Daughters, Mothers & Sons”. She writes regular columns for ‘Sunday Life’ and ‘Leadership Matters’.

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