Determinations & Sanctions

A list of determinations and sanctions handed down to members following a summary disposal.

The term ‘summary disposal’ of the complaint (or proceedings) means to bring to an end to part or all of the complaint or proceedings against the member, on the basis that one or other of the parties has no chance of success if a hearing occurs.

Under the Disciplinary Regulations and following a breach notice, the association may invite the member to discuss the situation surrounding the breach with a view to the summary disposal of the disciplinary action against the member by agreement. Significant benefits can flow from the member’s cooperation and acknowledgement of wrong-doing. For example, it may be unnecessary to name the member in publication of the disciplinary outcome where the education of the member, the profession generally, and the public can be achieved by anonymised reporting. Whereas matters proceeding to CRC Hearing and Determination usually have the member’s name published.

Agreement for summary disposal must be approved by the CRC. Summary disposal came into effect in 2010.

Case number Member details FPA member ID Effective date Member category Sanction
SD_2015_1 Blinded Blinded 15.01.2015 CFP Fined, professional education, reprimanded
SD_2013_1 Blinded Blinded 13.09.2013 CFP Fined, professional education, reprimanded
SD_2012_2 Blinded Blinded 30.11.2012 AFP Reprimanded, fined
SD_2012_1 Blinded Blinded 17.02.2012 AFP Fined, professional education, supervisory
SD_2011_1 Blinded Blinded 20.12.2011 AFP Fined, professional education
SD_2011_1 Blinded Blinded 20.12.2011 Principal Fined, supervision
SD_2010_1 Blinded Blinded 20.09.2010 CFP Fined
SD_2010_1 Blinded Blinded 20.09.2010 Principal Fined