Jenny Pearse

Founder & Marketing Consultant, Jenesis

Why LinkedIn is your best friend

In the fast-paced world of financial services, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. LinkedIn, which has evolved into a premium platform for small business owners and professional service providers, has introduced several game-changing features in the past year. More than ever, LinkedIn has solidified its position as a trusted ally for those who seek to connect with their tribe in a professional setting. This transformation, more evident today than perhaps when it was first established, has propelled LinkedIn beyond the realm of traditional social platforms. The platform offers a niche where they can seamlessly integrate recent updates to drive engagement, build credibility, and foster meaningful connections.

Changes you may not have noticed this year include:

Custom buttons: drive action, maximise impact

One of the standout features introduced this year is the ability to add custom buttons to your LinkedIn profile. This means the opportunity to guide profile viewers to take specific actions, such as visiting your company website or booking an appointment. By strategically placing these buttons, you can seamlessly drive engagement and conversions, turning profile views into tangible business outcomes.

Profile verification badge: trust and transparency

LinkedIn now offers a profile verification badge prominently displayed next to a user’s name upon confirmation of identity or workplace details. This badge is a visual testament to a user’s commitment to transparency and authenticity. It enhances their credibility and assures potential clients that the information on their profile is verified, fostering trust in their services.

NOTE: This feature is relatively new and requires you to submit personal identification documentation, such as a passport or equivalent, for the verification process. Please note that verification can only be completed through the LinkedIn mobile app. This is currently available to free accounts as well as premium account holders.

Featured profile content: elevate your credibility

With the new featured profile content option, you can showcase key details such as recommendations, certifications, and more at the top of your LinkedIn profile. This is a powerful way to highlight your expertise and achievements, making a strong first impression on visitors. By strategically curating this content, you can effectively communicate your value proposition and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Algorithm update: insights take centre stage

LinkedIn has prioritised posts that share “knowledge and insights” in its algorithm. For FAAA members, this emphasises the importance of creating and sharing valuable content. By crafting posts that provide insights into their industry, trends, and expertise, the team can stay relevant and increase visibility and engagement within their network.

Enhanced highlights section: facilitating connections

The Highlights section of profiles visited now includes prompts to ask mutual connections for introductions and the option to “Say hello” to 2nd-degree connections. This feature encourages meaningful connections and interactions, aligning perfectly with your goal of building a robust professional network.

Personalised invites: premium advantage

LinkedIn is trialling a restriction on the number of personalised invites for free accounts. Premium and Sales Navigator accounts remain unaffected. For FAAA members, a premium account offers a competitive edge, allowing them to continue sending personalised invites without constraints, expanding their network strategically.

Company page follower cull: quality over quantity

Similar to profile follower cleanups, LinkedIn is now removing inactive accounts from company pages. While this might not translate into significant drops for everyone, we recognise the importance of maintaining an engaged and relevant audience. This ensures that their company page reflects genuine interest and interaction from their target audience.

A note from Jenny

Remember not to take yourself too seriously when engaging on LinkedIn, but stay true to your personal brand. Your personal profile should be considered a virtual version of YOU – after all, when someone meets you for the first time, you want the experience to reflect who you are and what you truly represent – this is your personal brand.

The LinkedIn updates highlighted present an array of opportunities for financial service providers to elevate their online presence, build trust, and foster meaningful connections. By embracing these features and adapting their strategies accordingly, the team can position themselves for continued success in the dynamic landscape of professional networking. LinkedIn isn’t just a platform – it’s a dynamic tool for shaping and showcasing professional success.

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