Brisbane Metro Community

Unite with peers to network, share best practice and drive our profession forward

Brisbane Metro Community is committed to constantly building a vibrant space for all the metropolitan professionals who facilitate and deliver financial advice, including not only practitioners but all those involved in our profession.

The way in which we aim to deliver our commitment is through a multifaceted approach, encompassing:

  • Forums that encourage the exchange of invaluable experiences and knowledge
  • Key events designed to offer unwavering support and encouragement to all attendees
  • Platforms for acknowledging achievements and celebrating success
  • Visionary initiatives aimed at nurturing the future growth of the profession, while providing mentorship to individuals at every stage of their development
  • Active engagement with Political and Regulatory entities to continually improve the environment for providing financial advice

My life motto is ‘together, we’re more’. And living by that, my primary objective is to unite our entire profession by fostering growth in every conceivable dimension. Which I am confident will lead to Australians reaping the advantages of a thriving financial advice community.

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Mark Stubbings

meet your community co-chair

Pedro Marin Ramirez

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