CFP 1-4 on-demand

Our Certification technical education program is now online, on demand, and in bite size units, and you don’t have to be completing the CFP designation to learn with us.


Whether you’re new to the profession and want to ensure you have a solid foundation to build on, or you’re an experienced professional who wants to refresh your knowledge, our certification education might have something for you!

Our training program covers everything from the concept of corporate responsibility through strategic development in the financial planning process to  investment management.   You can purchase the units as an entire package, as the CFP Certification units, or as the individual topics.

Please note if you are completing a certification unit with the goal of Recognition of Prior Learning at another institution please contact the Education Team and they will advise on additional assessments required.

Students will be provided with 12 months of access to each unit.  Each topic is assessed by a short multiple choice mini-exam and students must achieve a pass rate of 80% to gain their CPD hours and if they wish to achieve CFP Accreditation.

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