Caroline Rees, CFP®

Name Caroline Rees CFP®
Company Telstra Super Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Address Level 5 Suite 4
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone 07 3331 9330

I am a Financial Planner in the financial services arm of a corporate super fund and have worked in financial services for over 21 years. I am fiercely protective of my ability to operate in the best interests of my clients and to bring my colleagues along with me on the journey to building a better, stronger and more united financial planning profession. I believe my profession is all about helping people achieve their goals and sometimes even establish what those goals are. The financial planning community can and does make a difference in the lives of many Australians but we can always do more to evolve with the changes in legislation, technology and societal norms. I am honoured to count many of my clients as friends, having shared decades of their lives with them and knowing that we both benefit from this type of working relationship. Actively participating in the financial planning profession provides endless opportunities to expand your knowledge, engage in meaningful ways with our local communities and at the core, be satisfied with having made a difference in the world we live in.

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