Esther Althaus

Name Esther Althaus
Company Perspective Financial Services Pty Ltd
Address 245 Saint Kilda Road
St Kilda, VIC 3182
Phone 0398263383

Esther Althaus established Perspective Financial Services Pty Ltd in 2003 when she recognised that by helping other people achieve their goals she could achieve her own.

With the knowledge that her marriage was likely to end, Esther realised that if she and her 3 young daughters were going to live a life of dignity and choices she would need to start working on an immediate plan.

Since implementing her plan Esther has become an award winning financial adviser who is actively involved in the financial advice community through various committee roles and directorships with the Association of Financial Advisers. In particular, she is passionate about working with women in situations where they have separated/divorced, become widowed or inherited funds and have had little previous insight into wealth management.

More recently, Esther is working with families in planning a smooth and healthy transition of wealth to the next generation. She finds it particularly rewarding to see families undertake this process and retain respectful relationships between family members whilst the needs of all concerned are met in a timely, appropriate and dignified manner.

Esther is also involved in communal activities. She is known in the Jewish community for working with various parties involved in Jewish divorces. She has established a relationship with the Melbourne Beth Din and various communal leaders which enables Esther to assist in resolving difficult cases. Esther is on the committee of Unchain My Heart, a coalition of Jewish women’s organisations that have united to support people who are victims of Gett refusal.

As a business owner, financial adviser and collaborative professional Esther has become known within the Family Law community as a financial adviser with a strong insight into the financial sensitivities of divorcing couples. She is often sought by various community organisations to present on a number of different topics including her inspirational career journey, workshops on financial literacy, financial empowerment for women and her insights into life, in general.

Esther’s willingness to share her experiences, together with her no-nonsense and humorous manner, leaves her audience or those she works with inspired to take the next steps they need to in their lives.

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