Michael Allanson, AFP®

Name Michael Allanson AFP®
Company WP Wealth Management
Address 32 Endeavour Road
Hillarys, WA 6025
Phone 08 9401 3511

Mike mission is to help those clients who want better than average.
He commenced as an advisory professional in 1983, advising on superannuation & investment products + personal insurances. This was all before financial planning was even given a name.

Mike's formal qualifications (Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning) and career experience of +40 years provides a unique combination of expertise and practical experience. It's the best combination for helping get the focus on exactly what's needed to make the most of what you have.

Mike will invite you to complete your 'Satisfaction Survey' to help identify opportunities you may not even be aware of. This proven method will guide you efficiently through the multitude of options so you arrive exactly where you should. You're invited to come and experience the same for yourself.

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