Michelle Bryant, AFP®

Name Michelle Bryant AFP®
Company Parc Wealth Management
Address 1133 Malvern Rd
Malvern, VIC 3144
Phone 03 9527 1600
Website www.parcwealth.com.au

I help people understand how to use the resources they have available to them to meet their life goals.

The Financial Adviser and client relationship is very personal. There aren't many Professionals who know as much about you as your Financial Adviser. This puts clients in potentially vulnerable situations. As a female, when disclosing personal information I need respect and empathy. This is what a female Adviser brings to the table. My goal is to make women feel safe and empowered.

I love helping people use the resources they have available to them to reach their goals. Good Financial Advice allows clients to stop worrying about their financial future and spend more time on their personal wellbeing, spending time with loved ones and having experiences doing things they love.

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