Tony Evans, AFP®

Name Tony Evans AFP®
Company Cornerstone Advice
Address Lobby 1, Level 2 76 Skyring Terrace
Newstead, QLD 4006
Phone 07 3340 5117

Tony has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and works in most areas of financial planning, mortgage broking and specializes in business protection (Key man insurance).

Tony enjoys using his knowledge, experience and expertise to assist clients to achieve their financial objectives and has a strong belief in the benefits of financial planning.

Specifically, he provides advice and services in:

· Mortgage broking
· Debt management
· Retirement Planning and superannuation
· Personal Insurance
· Business Protection (Key man Insurance)
· Wealth Creation and investment
· Gearing and margin lending advice

Outside of work, Tony is married with two young children and enjoys cooking, camping, playing golf and simply spending time with his family.

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