Vince Loverso, CFP®

Name Vince Loverso CFP®
Company Invest for Living
Address 281 Lygon Street
Brunswick East, VIC 3057
Phone 03 93474554

My parents both migrated to Australia in the 60's with not much more than the clothes on their back and a few bucks in their pocket. They worked tirelessly to provide their family the opportunity for a better life and they did their best with what they had and what they knew. But things could have been so much easier. With the right guidance they could have been so much better off in retirement, without the need to work any harder. This is what drove me to pursue a career in retirement planning. I wanted to make sure people like my parents were given the best advice possible and protected from the countless groups of people looking to sell them products that only serve the companies selling those products, not the vulnerable consumer who invests their hard earned money. I have been working in the financial advice industry since 2001. The areas of advice I specialise in include Retirement income planning, maximising government benefits in retirement, minimising tax, managing investment risk and much more.

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