It’s time to consider providing pro bono advice and how it can benefit you

Pro bono financial advice sounds like a good thing to get involved in. Using the same skills you use in your everyday job as a financial adviser to help people in need, but not expect anything in return, is indeed a great way to contribute to the greater good.

Future2: Tasmania Hiking Challenge

Just when we thought the Hiking Challenge couldn’t get any better… along came Tassie! On behalf of the Future2 Foundation, I extend a warm invitation to join us on our 2024 Hiking Challenge, taking place from 24 – 28 October at Three Capes, Tasmania.

Filling the void after retiring

There’s a reason retirement is considered one of the most stressful times in life… Up there with divorce, moving house and death of a loved one. But why? Shouldn’t this time of life be the happiest, reaping the rewards of years of hard work?

Financial Planners Journey to Greece

As esteemed members of the FAAA community we’d love to invite on our Financial Planners Educational Journey to Greece from 31 August -7 September, 2024.

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