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The Future of the SOA – About this project

The FPA invited a wide and diverse group of people to form an SOA Technology Working Group to give input into the scope, findings and outcome of this project.

Once a consensus was agreed on, the Australian community of advice technology providers was set a challenge to create their vision of what the future SOA could look and feel like, as a starting point for the next decade of financial planning.

The FPA would particularly like to thank the working group, made up of different parts of our profession; individual financial planners, adviser groups, paraplanners, lawyers, academics, research, compliance, small, medium and large AFSLs, Fintechs and Regtechs, consumer advocate, and video animation communication. ASIC was also invited to be part of this group and attended the meetings in observation only capacity.

Thank you for all the time, effort and considerable work that has been given to this report.

The members of the FPA SOA Technology Working Group included:


Finally, a special thank you to Fraser Jack and Jason Andriessen for putting together this report and lending their expertise in technology, consumer behaviour and the future.



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