FAAA Professional Practice Program

As an FAAA Professional Practice, your financial planning practice will become a role model within your local professional community.

Your demonstration of the highest professional and ethical standards, through commitment to the FAAA Professional Code and CFP® Certification, will bring your practice the recognition and respect it deserves.

Your practice will gain access to new client opportunities

As part of the FAAA Professional Practice program, you have the opportunity to access a national referral program designed to connect Australians with your financial planners and advisers.


A series of tailored events, workshops, webinars and practice management guidance is available to support the FAAA Professional Practice community.

You’ll get higher community recognition

The use of FAAA Professional Practice branding in your offices and on your business collateral will set your business apart as a role model in the community. It will clearly identify you as a high quality financial planning practice, committed to the highest professional and ethical standards.

To your peers, you’ll represent higher professional standards

The quality of your business will be instantly recognisable because at least 75% of your practitioners are FAAA members and 50% have achieved CFP Professional status (or will become CFP Professionals by 30 June 2026).

Your practice will become an ‘employer of choice’

Future and current employees will be attracted by your standing as an FAAA Professional Practice.

The interests of your practice will be supported by the FAAA

Through representation, advocacy and national consumer advertising, the FAAA continually promotes the higher standards of FAAA members.


The FAAA Professional Practice program is open to the below – that have been operating for at least one year:

  • Self-licensed financial planning practices or
  • Local branches of employed financial planners or
  • Practices under a dealer group AFSL

Whichever category your practice belongs to, you will need to meet the following requirements for at least the past financial year:

  • 75% of your financial planners must be FAAA members in these categories: CFP professional; Financial Planner AFP or Practitioner.
  • 50% of your financial planners are already CFP professionals (or will become CFP Professionals by 30 June 2026)*
  • Your practice commits to upholding the FAAA Professional Code.

* There must be at least one CFP professional in the practice to be appointed the Relationship Manager.

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If you would like to apply or have any questions about eligibility or the application process, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

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