FAAA Wellbeing

Free, confidential support for the financial planning community.

FAAA Wellbeing is a free, confidential support program for FAAA members and also the wider financial planning community.

It’s been a particularly challenging time for our profession, and more than ever, we encourage you to prioritise your wellbeing.

The person who can have the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing is…you! But, with so much information available, it’s hard to know what is reliable or where to begin.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Benestar® to bring you a comprehensive health and wellbeing program to help you feel great and be your best you.

Support available:

  • Personal, confidential support sessions with qualified counsellors or psychologists via phone, Live Chat, face-to-face or by SMS.
  • Access to a library of health and wellbeing resources available on your mobile via an app, or from your computer or tablet via the website.

To start a conversation with a qualified counsellor or psychologist call Benestar on 1300 360 364 or send a short SMS to 0480 032 310.

When making contact, mention that you are a financial planner and are aware of the support the FAAA is offering.

FAAA members can log in to the Member Portal for more details and resources.